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We come to your house and take your dog(s) out for a walk from there. We do not walk large groups of dogs together. The walk can be either half an hour or 45 minutes, whichever you require for your pet(s). We care very much that every dog enjoys his walk as much as possible in a safe environment.

If a short drive is necessary, rather than being shut in a crate in the back of a van, the dogs travel in comfort on dry towels in an estate car, so they can see out of the windows.

On our return to your house, we will ensure your dog(s) has fresh drinking water and if required we can towel off any wet and dirt, leaving them comfortable.

If your dog is elderly and prefers to potter about in the garden this can normally be arranged.



We look after your small animals in the comfort of their home and care for them as if they were our own. We will feed, cuddle and play with your pets, clean any litter trays, open/close curtains, put out bins, water plants and generally ensure your home is looked after and secure while you are away.

Pets receive at least 30 minutes of loving attention on each visit. Their health, hygiene and happiness are our priorities, and if any pet becomes unwell we will seek qualified veterinary advice.

Important Exceptions.

Please note that we are not prepared to care for your pets if any of the following circumstances apply:-

The pet is kept in any accommodation where the terms of the lease forbid pets.

If you are planning to have any work done in your house or garden while you are away, please use a cattery.
Cats and other small pets do  not like building work, redecoration etc. They get very upset if left on their own with any noise and disruption. It has been known for them to leave home and find somewhere they prefer.

It is not considered good practice for any pet, (except perhaps fish), to be left alone for more than 24 hours, e.g. we will not accept a requirement to visit every other day.

It is not considered good practice for any pet to be excluded from the house unless the pet always lives outdoors, e.g. pond fish, outdoor rabbits; i.e. in most cases we will need access to your house. If there is no cat flap, the safest option is for cats to stay indoors during your absence.



We provide further services, such as care of outdoor pots/plants, and outdoor animals, for example pond fish, wild birds and hedgehogs.
There may be a small extra charge if there is a lot of watering to do.

We are not professional cleaners but we make every attempt to leave your house looking as good as when you left it.