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Please Note - Ros has retired from professional pet sitting. The info below is for interest only.

Who we are

Before moving to the Isle of Wight, Pets First pet sitters was one of the longest established businesses involved in pet sitting and dog walking in Maidenhead and East Berkshire.
Now we walk dogs and care for cats in Freshwater and Totland.

Ros Locke is the proprietor of Pets First. Ros is an experienced pethandler, and has had her own pets both four-footed and finny from a very early age. Having looked after a failed Guide Dog for eight years, she currently lives with 1 Siamese cat, 1 rescue cat, 1 rescue husband and several bird-feeders' worth of flying visitors.

Ros graduated from Surrey University as a Physicist and spent nearly two decades helping to develop smart microscopes  for the  Gray Cancer Institute, (now part of the University of Oxford),  before turning her life-long passion for  animals into a new career with Pets First.

Retired Guide Dog Opal and Ros

Ros is a life member of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. She was on the committee of Kitty Cat Rescue for two years.

Ros attended a cattery management course run by the Feline Advisory Bureau, (now known as International Cat Care), but then the discovery of Pets First came as a revelation. Pet sitting for cats in their own homes and walking dogs in familiar haunts is what all the pets prefer. "It's the best job in the world because all my client dogs and cats are overjoyed to see me,"



Sibyl and Ros



Pets First offers the following:

Local and Friendly pet-sitting service - now in Freshwater, Isle of Wight - established in Maidenhead, Berkshire in 2000
When anywhere near your home, we only drive unmarked cars, (not vans and with no advertising), to ensure your privacy and security
Individual care for your pet(s) tailored to your requirements
Dogs are walked on their own or in small groups of usually no more than three
Cats receive at least 30 minutes of loving attention on each visit
Extra services available at little or no extra charge such as watering, changing lights and curtains, wildlife care etc. (within reason)
Police CRB checked and fully insured
Excellent references